Our Bot Services

What we mean with Bots

SinusBot Scripting

We have been using and creating SinusBot Scripts for years.
We customize any script to your needs, provide support (even if we don’t own the script) and even create new ones.

Discord Development

We are listed as Discord Developers.

We create, maintain and host bots for Discord.


We set up and host other Bots for ou too. For example CSGO eBot, JTS3Mod and many more.

Our clients

RageBears eSports

RageBears is a German speaking eSports organization, which is active in CS:GO, Rocket League, LoL and many other games

We maintain the JTS3Mod and the SinusBot for them.



A small gaming community which is supported by us.

We maintaine the SinusBot scripts for them.

Adrenaline Gaming

Adrenaline Gaming. On the top 10 of the worldwide TeamSpeak 3 Communtiys.

Since a long time we are supporting this community.

We can look back on many funny memories and talks.

It’s a great community.