What do we host and who are our clients.


What we host:

Root Server

We get our servers from Hetzner.

By default the servers are equipped as follows:
CPU: Intel Core i7-6700
HDD: 2x HDD SATA 3.0 TB Enterprise
RAM: 4x RAM 8192 MB DDR4
2 IP addresses + 1 /28 subnet

The servers can be upgraded at any time on request.


Our vServers are virtualized with Promox and are secured by Sophos XG.

Standard equipment:
CPU: Intel Core i7-6700
RAM: 4096 MB DDR4
IP address: one

The servers can be upgraded at any time on request.
Currently we have 5 virtualization hosts.


Email servers are hosted with Mailcow.

The backend server has the following stats:
CPU: Intel Core i7-6700
SSD 512 GB
HDD: 768 GB
RAM: 4096 MB DDR4
IP addresses: one


Websites are hosted on our WSM and run with PHP 7.3 and MariaDB.

Certificates are issued via Letsencrypt.

TeamSpeak 3 Servers

We offer you to host your TeamSpeak 3 Servers with or without your own license on our server.
We are not a reseller of TeamSpeak!


The SinusBot is hosted by us.

Important: We do not offer the SinusBot for sale but the server for the SinusBot. The setup and use is completely free of charge.


As software we are using Nextcloud.
A separate hardening of the system takes place per cloud.
The cloud storage is at least 32 GB.
The app Talk can be used at any time via our TURN server.

Our Clients

RageBears eSports

RageBears is a German speaking eSports organization, which is active in CS:GO, Rocket League, LoL and many other games


A small gaming community which is supported by us.


Dabez is a customer who hosts his cloud, websites and games on one of our vServers.